Update on Stolen Vehicle




UPDATE 23 APRIL 2022 – 0900 HOURS:

The Gallatin County Sheriff’s Office continued their assistance of Fish Wildlife and Parks (FWP) in searching the Highway 191 Canyon throughout the night.  The suspect fled from FWP Officers who were attempting to conduct a traffic stop on a reckless driver at approximately 4:00 pm yesterday evening at which time the Sheriff’s Office’s began their assistance.


The last known area of the subject was Karst Stage Loop.  Sheriff’s deputies will continue their assistance searching the canyon throughout today though it is possible he was given a ride out of the area.  The Sheriff’s Office is asking anyone who may have information that may aid in identifying the suspect to call 406-582-2100.  A member of the public has likely heard from this individual or seen him and we are asking for your assistance.  The Sheriff’s Office is continuing to encourage canyon residents to be vigilant about locking your homes and vehicles so as not to prevent the theft of your property.  FWP nor the Sheriff’s Office have additional information about the suspect’s history or motives beyond finding a vehicle with keys in it which he stole.



The suspect is describes as Caucasian, approximately 6 feet tall, with reddish facial hair and a slight to medium build.  If the suspect is still in the area, he is likely very cold, hungry and is seeking shelter and assistance.


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