6.26.2021 Porcupine Creek Rescue

On Saturday, June 26, 2021 at approximately 6:17 pm, Gallatin County Sheriff Search and Rescue in Big Sky responded to a request for assistance from a hiker that lost their way on the Porcupine Creek Trail. The individual, who was out on a day hike, misjudged the trail length and route, became disoriented, and requested assistance out.

Volunteers responded using a dirt bike and a side by side UTV, and were able to transport the stranded individual safely out to the trailhead.

Sheriff Springer would like to remind everyone recreating outdoors to: to know your route, to try and travel with a friend, and carry a reliable means of communication.  The hiker in this case was able to call 911 with grid coordinates which aided in a speedy and successful rescue.