2.26.2022 South Plateau Snowmobile Rescue



On February 26th 2022 at 10:33 am, Gallatin County Dispatch received a call for a snowmobiler who was injured after leaving a groomed trail at a high rate of speed and striking a tree, 5 miles from the Doe Creek Trailhead.  Initial reports indicated the snowmobiler had a fractured leg and hip pain.

Volunteers from Gallatin County Sheriff Search and Rescue in Big Sky responded to the Doe Creek Trail and deployed a snowmobile rescue team immediately up the trail.  The patient was quickly located and transported to a waiting Big Sky Fire Department Ambulance.  The patient was then transported to Big Sky Medical Center.

Sheriff Springer would like to remind the public to slow down and use caution when navigating backcountry trail systems by snowmobile.

Photos courtesy of Gallatin County Sheriff’s Office.