GCSO Public Safety Academy

The GCSO Public Safety Academy affords Gallatin County citizens an opportunity to experience law enforcement from the inside.  For eight weeks, one night a week, you can learn from the best in law enforcement, crisis intervention, and search and rescue.  The Academy will lead you through making traffic stops, field sobriety maneuvers, crime scene management, and evidence collection.  You will be able to ride along with a GCSO Deputy, talk to a 9-1-1 dispatcher, and tour the Detention Center.  You can try on the body armor worn by the Special Response Team, learn how undercover detectives track drug deals, and watch a K9 stop a bad guy.    This is a great introduction to how public safety works in your community!


The ninth GCSO Public Safety Academy is scheduled for April 6 through May 24, 2022. The Academy is held every Wednesday evening from 6-9 pm. The Academy is free and open to any Gallatin County resident 18 years and older.  For more information, or to register, contact Erin Metzger by phone at 582-2066 or by e-mail at erin.metzger@gallatin.mt.govPlease contact Erin by Tuesday, March 29th to register.

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