Gallatin County Weed District Seeking Nominations For Noxious Weed Management Award


For immediate release: June 6, 2022


Gallatin County Weed District Seeking Nominations For Noxious Weed Management Award

To kick off Montana Noxious Weed Awareness Week, the Gallatin County Weed District announces the opening of nominations for a new award to recognize area landowners for their work in controlling noxious weeds in our area.

Gallatin County would like to recognize land owners and managers who do an exceptional job of controlling noxious weeds. These stewards are not only caring for their own land, but are helping to protect the wild lands and local agriculture that make our county such a wonderful place to live.

The Weed District would like to honor these individuals or groups who are a vital part of noxious weed management in our county with the Gallatin County Weed District Outstanding Noxious Weed Management Award.

If you know of a person or a group who has shown exceptional leadership in the management of noxious weeds on private land in Gallatin County, please nominate them for this award. The winner will be recognized by the Gallatin County Commission and the Weed District in September at a commission public meeting.

Please fill out this nomination form, or contact the Weed Distrust to obtain a copy of the form. Nominations are due by July 31.

The Gallatin County Weed District is located at 903 N. Black Ave. in Bozeman. Staff can be reached at 406-582-3265 or

Information about the Outstanding Noxious Weed Management Award can also be found on our website.

More info on Montana Noxious Weed Awareness Week:

Montana Noxious Weed Awareness Week was established in 2021 as a way to highlight the invasive plants in our state that outcompete native grasses and wildflowers and can seriously impair wildlife habitat, agriculture and recreational opportunities.

Noxious Weed Awareness Week is observed the first full week of June. This year it will be celebrated June 5-11.

Media contact:
Steve Saunders, Gallatin County Weed Board Member

Below are photos of common noxious weeds in Gallatin County. Photos provided by the Gallatin County Weed District.

Leafy Spurge

Spotted knapweed

Oxeye daisy


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