6.30.22 Bozeman Creek Trail Rescue


Bozeman Creek Trail Rescue

On June 30, 2022, at 10:59 am, Gallatin County Dispatch received a report of a bicycle crash several miles up Bozeman Creek Trail. The patient had multiple injuries, difficulty breathing, and was in severe pain.

Hyalite Fire Department and Gallatin County Sheriff Search and Rescue responded with ground teams to make contact with the patient. The joint team located the patient and conducted an assessment, after which the patient was packaged and transported to the trailhead.  At the trailhead, the patient was turned over to a Central Valley Fire Department Advanced Life Support Ambulance crew and transported to Bozeman Health where they received further treatment.

Sheriff Dan Springer would like to remind recreationists to equip properly for the activity, to bring a companion or let someone know your adventure plans, and to prepare for the unexpected.

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