8.6.22 Cinnamon Area Rescue


Cinnamon Area Rescue

On August 6, 2022, at 8:50pm Gallatin County Dispatch received information that a hiker had severely injured their ankle while hiking on a steep game trail. The hiker was in a group of five and hiking near mile marker 41 on Highway 191.


Several teams from Gallatin County Sheriff Search and Rescue Big Sky Section responded. Two teams hiked into the area, located the patient, assessed the injuries, and stabilized the injuries. Due to the terrain, the rescue took multiple hours and involved the use of several rope systems to safely move the hiker both up and back down the mountain.


After a very long rescue, about an hour after daylight, the patient and teams made it back to the road. The patient was turned over to an awaiting Big Sky Fire Department ambulance and ultimately transported to the Big Sky Medical Center for further evaluation.


Sheriff Springer would like to remind recreationalists that even a small outing can take a turn for the worst. Always be prepared for the unexpected by having proper safety gear, a basic first aid kit, plenty of water, and proper clothes for the weather.


Photos courtesy of Gallatin County Sheriffs Office.

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